Why Joule

Well Established Firm

When you put your trust in Joule Electrical Contracting, you are enlisting the expertise of an organization that has been exceeding the expectations of customers since 2011. We offer the peace of mind, confidence, and reliability that come with experience and a commitment to our own future.


The culture of safety that exists at Joule Electrical Contracting is based on training, inspection and discipline. We track safety down to the job level on a per-project and per-superintendent basis from Project Safety Pre-Plan to Post-Job Safety Review.

Performance/Customer Service

We believe that quality performance is a result of systematic planning, execution, coordination, and verification. These efforts confirm our pledge to perform all of our work in a safe manner and to meet or exceed the quality expectations of our customers.


We know that yesterday’s solutions often represent today’s dilemmas. Therefore, we view every project as a fresh opportunity for continuous improvement. This results in maximum cost effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity for our customers.