Security Lighting

Constant Security Lighting

Motion Activated Home Security Lighting

There are many different types of security lighting available, some of the products that are available include porch lighting, halogen floodlights, infra red detection lights and motion sensor lighting.

The Porch lighting is a popular form of security lighting and is the preferred choice for many households. The basics behind the lighting are it provides a permanent source of light at very low wattage. This type of lighting can be controlled with a light detector which will automatically come on and off from dawn to dusk periods. You can still obtain manual light switches, however the automatic ones offer the protection for your property when you are away from home on business or vacations.

Motion Activated Lighting

Motion Activated Home Lighting

Motion activated lights are exactly what they sound like. Different models of motion activated lights will have varying degrees of sensitivity but, in general, most lights are only activated by bodies larger than 75 pounds. Many motion activation devices use thermal detection to determine whether or not someone is present. Motion activated lights that use actual motion are much easier to activate and can turn on by relatively small animals.

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